Then to the Angel of the Church at Philadelphia, write thus:
	These are the words of the True Holy One
	Who holds the Key of David
	Who opens and none shall shut
	Who shuts and none shall open
Lo, Eye have set open a door before you which none is able to shut,
For though your strength is small,
You have kept My Word
You have not renounced My Name...
Lo, I will make those that belong to the Synagogue of Satan,
Who style themselves Jews, but are not
Lo, Eye will have them come and do homage before your feet
And know that Eye did love you
Because you have kept my call to patient endurance
Eye will keep you safe through the Hour of Trial
Which is coming upon the whole world
To test the dwellers on Earth
I am coming very soon:
Hold to what you have
Lest your crown be taken from you
As for the conquerer
I will make him a pillar in the Temple of God
And I will inscribe on him the Name of my God
The Name of the City of my God
And my own New Name
Let anyone who has an ear listen 
To what the spirit says to the Churches
			Revelation 3:7-14